What to bring to your tax appointment

Each Tax Return is different. Here are some general guidelines for what you will need to bring for your Tax Preparation Appointment. If you are new to our office, we would advise you to bring a copy of your Prior Year’s Return.



  1. Your address, contact info, and current occupation
  2. Names and social security numbers of you and your dependents


  1. Total interest and dividends earned (Have all 1099 statements, Companies & Mutual Funds etc.)
  2. Total amount of alimony Received
  3. Total amount all all tips Received
  4. Total amount of all State Lottery or gambling winnings
  5. If you had capital gains or losses, indicate source and amount. (If from stocks have brokerage buy and sell slips or an itemized listing. If bought or sold property, have escrow statements and an itemized list of improvement costs
  6. Listing of all earned income ( Have all W2’s, 1099s and other documents indicating income received or an itemized listing with source amount)


  1. Total alimony paid
  2. Childcare expenses (Have a list of names, addresses and ID numbers of providers)
  3. If you have moved more than 50 miles due to changing your job location, have information as to the mileage and cost of moving
  4. If you were looking for work in your previous occupation, indicate miles driven, airline costs, lodging and meals,  telephone and resume costs.
  5. Listing of all Estimated Tax Payments (this does not include withholdings from your W-@’s or 1099’s)

[box] To fully investigate your eligibility for all deductions and credits, read through the list below and bring information on all items relevant to your situation:[/box]


(Total dollar amount not reimbursed by insurance)

  1. Drugs and Medicines
  2. Total Health Insurance
  3. Adoption Fees
  4. Doctors & Dentists
  5. Hospitals fees
  6. Miles Traveled for Medical Care
  7. Lab & X-Ray Fees
  8. Glasses or Hearing Aids
  9. Other ( Nurses, Ambulance, ect)
  10. Long Term Care


  1. Boat or Personal Plane taxes and registration
  2. Auto & Vehicle taxes and registration
  3. Property Taxes: Home & Vacant Land (not including rentals)


  1. Mortgage Interest
  2. Investment Interest
  3. Land
  4. Student Loan Interest


  1. House of Worship Contributions
  2. Payroll Deduction
  3. Used Clothing Donations
  4. Furniture Donations
  5. Miles Driven for Charity
  6. Other Miscellaneous Donations


  1. Union  / Professional Dues
  2. Uniforms & Cleaning
  3. Safety Equipment
  4. Work Tool Expense
  5. Employment Agency Fees
  6. Tax Services Fees
  7. Safe Deposit Box Fees
  8. Professional Supplies
  9. Business Use of Auto (number of miles driven OR actual cost of use)
  10. Investment Expense & Aid
  11. Non-Reimbursed Phone Exp.
  12. Travel Expense for Investments
  13. Military Reserve Training
  14. Military Reserve Lodging
  15. Transportation
  16. Legal Fees
  17. Employee Non-Reimbursed Expenses
  18. Disaster Losses, Flood, Fire, etc
  19. Gambling Losses (May not exceed gambling winnings)
  20. Lottery tickets


  1. College Tuition
  2. Skill Improvement costs (continuing education etc.)
  3. Professional publications and subscriptions


  1. Solar Power installation
  2. Home Improvement Costs for Energy Efficiency
  3. Costs related to an Electric Vehicle

If you have any questions or concerns before your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help during extended business hours over the tax season.